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hello there

Grandpa is still in the hospital. He had angioplasty on monday to try and clean out the artery that was completely blocked in his heart. He was suppose to be coming home yesterday but then his platelette count dropped really low and his white blood count, hemoglobin and other counts dropped low. So then the doctors decided to give him 2 blood transfusions yesterday and a bag of platelettes. He also went for an abdominal scan to make sure that he wasnt bleeding internally. He has a hematoma in his stomach from the angioplasty, but we just arent sure what is going on. his count now is 80,000 but all of his other counts are still extremely low.

he's pissed off that he has to stay in the hospital, because he was told that he'd be going home yesterday and now all this other stuff is happening. I gotta go...time to finish up my philosophy review sheet for my test.
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