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I'm glad 2006 is over

From 2 deaths to grandpa in and out of the hospital practically all year to even being moved out of the house i lived in for 13+ years. Its defintely been one hell of a year.

My family was evicted from our house that we lived in for over 13 years. I'm not sure, but we never received a notice AT ALL. My parents are now renting a house from people who go to our church that are letting us stay here until we find a new house. Grandpa had went back into the hospital on Dec. 26, came home Jan. 3. Was admitted again on Jan. 9. This time they did an ultrasound on his heart and came to the conclusion that his mitrovalve in his heart is leaking more than it has been in the past and they need to fix it or replace it. He will go down to Emory to have the same doctor who did the quadruple bypass on him. My Nephew was born January 2. Aidan James McDermott, 8lbs 11oz.

I have been staying with my boyfriend Joseph, but i plan on moving into my parents house since there just isnt enough room for him and i in his bedroom at his mom's house. My family is looking for a new house, in booth crossing, which is up the road on north booth from my old house. We found a nice house in there that we can afford and i've even have my own area to myself. I'd get the basement and there is another room down there for me to put my entertainment center and desk. It will be nice.

I hope everyone has a good year, maybe mine will get better.
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