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Did you take me a for a fool?

Well since my last entry, my family has closed on a house and moved in. My grandfather was admitted for mitrovalve repair or replacement to Emory. He is still recovering. Joseph and I broke up.

I have only seen Joseph once since him and i broke up. I miss him. Not on an intimate level (i mean i'm not going to lie, he is a good kisser, but thats beside the point), just hanging out with him. I enjoyed his company. Other than that, I'm still at cvs, which i just seem to hate more and more. Nothing gets done and my manager expects me to do so much when i can only do so much while i'm at the store by myself. I could get a lot more done if i had someone to help me open instead of being there by myself til i leave.

I could possibly be planning a 10 year anniversary celebration at work, on 3-17 we'll be open for 10 years. lol. My brother, his wife and my nephew came to see everyone a couple weeks ago. He is absolutely adorable. I love him to pieces.

I found a couple new bands, Means and LoveHateHero. Good shit right there.

Other than that, my life has been pretty boring. I found out that I knew the guy whose house my family bought, weird story. I know him through myspace. haha. good ol myspace. Well....i'm going to go now....i'll write when i have some more time and i'm not exhausted.
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