Trisha (freaksk833) wrote,

i think i might write more

I think i am going to start writing more in here. Its an outlet, and then i dont have to worry about certain people reading it on myspace.

I saw Joseph just recently, when he called me to come pick him up from a bar around 2 am. I had to open at work the next morning, i went and picked him up and his friend. I only did it because they couldnt get ahold of a taxi service. Since then, i havent talked to him.

The house is great, i love being in the basement. I just need to get some paint and get rid of the blue walls. I dont know if i am going to paint the entertainment area or not (the walls are black). I"m suppose to go to the braves game tomorrow, its going to be a cold one. I'm not really looking forward to that, but i will be with my friends and we'll be tailgating before, so that should be fun.

I found out about school. Apparently i was awarded my degree in December, but I have to wait until the end of May to actually receive the Degree. What kind of shit is that?! Why does GA Highlands only do graduation once a year? Does any other University do that?
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