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oh goodness

well since my last entry, i went to florida. I spent time with my godmother, and then also spent time with my brother, nephew and sister in law.

My mom and I got a call from my godfather, on may 10th. My godmother died. : (

May 11th would have been Brandon's birthday, hed be 22. : (

I went to Gatlinburg with Tonya, Russ, Corey, Richard and Morgan for my birthday. YAY for 22.

Grandpa had to go back into the hospital after being there for a week, and then coming home for 3 days. He is now in rehab at the Windy Hill Hospital. He has to be there for 4-6 weeks, he is also receiving long term IV. He has a blood bacterial infection that can only be treated with the IV. He suffered two strokes, once the night he was admitted, and a couple days later.

we are determined that grandpa has 9 lives.

I am finally going to be picking up my degree tomorrow......

I have a new boyfriend or boy toy named Corey. He's 19. A little young, but i'll try it this time.

thats all for now.....i'm tired
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