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oh livejournal

Well....lets see in the last two months....LOTS OF DRAMA.

I saw Joseph, we went out to dinner and then came back to my house afterwards and watched a movie. Then, a couple weeks later, he apparently didnt like a comment i left on one of his pictures on myspace so he blew up at me. Calling me childish, then he deleted me from his friends and blocked messages from others. I'm sorry...but how was i being childish?

I've started hanging out with Ian again. Strictly friends. I enjoy hanging out with him and its not weird or sexual at all. His dog is so cute.

Corey and i stopped dating shortly after i wrote my last entry.

My friend Joel has wanted to take me out a couple times, its weird. I'm not his type. I think him and I are just better as friends. He said i was stuck up anyways.....i guess i'm more like Tonya everyday. (haha jk tonya)

I am talking to this new guy named Ron. He's great, 23, pre-law at Tech. We both like similar movies and just about the same music. I enjoy talking to him, and i'm able to carry a conversation with him. I actually met him on Facebook. I put my picture on hot or not on there and he wanted to meet me. We've been talking through messages mostly and then I hung out with him last weekend. Then I went down to Tech last night and hung out with him too. It was nice. He makes me laugh. It kind of sucks, he's going to be a ghost for the next couple of weeks since he's taking the LSAT at the end of the month and also has a lot of tests coming up in his classes. Goodness, i feel like a little girl talking about a crush. how silly.

Work is work. Thats just about all I do is work. I found out recently that i'm anemic, and that i have pulmonic regurgitation. Its a small heart murmur. Grandpa is still around. He fell the other day, he was trying to sit in the kitchen on a stool to watch some tv, and completely missed the stool altogether. I thought he was going to break a hip. I'm not sure why he decided to go out in the kitchen, when he has a tv in his room and is less likely to fall in there. oh goodness.

I'm tired, i went to the Galleria today, havent been there since senior prom. There was a Vera Bradley sale going on and I got some cute stuff. I'm excited about it. I have to work tomorrow at 3, so that should be fun. I think i'm going to go lay down. hopefully it wont be another two months for an update.
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