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its a little overdue

Grandpa is out of the hospital. He got out probably a week after i posted my last entry. For Thanksgiving I went over to Joseph's house for dinner and he came over to mine. Needless to say we were stuffed to capacity. lol. We have been going out now for almost 2 months. He had shoulder surgery at the beginning of the month and is recovering just fine. He plans on going back to work tomorrow since he doesnt get vacation or sick pay. He needs the money, christmas seems to be breaking him. I am done with school. On the other hand, i need to get ahold of someone in ga highlands and find out who i need to talk to about my degree, since i'm not sure when i'm suppose to receieve it. Apparently i needed some transcript or a letter saying that i completed the program over at North Metro. I hate colleges.

I've just been hanging out with Joseph and working. I've been hanging out with friends too, and then the usual. I'm excited about christmas, and my nephew should be born soon. I might be going down to florida to see him, i'm not sure yet. Everything is depending on when Natalie(brothers g/f) has the baby. I'm also looking forward to concerts coming to the Masquerade soon. Cant wait, well i'm going to go. I'm going to watch some tv before work at 330 til 12. Stupid late hours
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