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i wasnt lying

Well, the braves game...lots of fun and drama too! Tailgating was fun, a little windy, but thank god for food! haha. We had hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. Tried to play beer pong, but we were on a slight hill and that wind was ruining the game. It was Tonya, Russ, Jon, Jamie and I in my jeep. Then Rich and Forester in Rich's truck. Then there were more people that Tonya's siblings brought, which i think there were WAYYYYYY too many all together.

Braves they lost. Then, we left early toward the 7th inning. Somehow we got separated while we were walking toward the car and it took longer than usual to get back to the car.

Today, my grandpa was released from the hospital. I took tyler and her friend megan to see Blades of Glory, it was hilarious. I recommend it. Then we went to michaels and I bought them some shirts and they made a spring break shirt. It was fun. Then, we all went out to dinner and i've just been hanging out at home. Well, i'm going to run....i'm watching a league of their own.
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